Mark began his music career in 2004, and has grown as an artist to tour internationally year-round. He has performed with many other artists such as Brandon Heath, Ed Cash, Paul Wright, and Rachael Lampa. Mark has also produced several albums for other artists such as Ryan Long and Josh Johnson (of the band Elenowen). In 2008 Mark worked with producer Ben Shive (Andrew Peterson, Sarah Groves, Matt Wertz) on his first full-length release, “Sun’s Gonna Rise,” which gained great attention in the industry upon its release. His follow-up project, “NeedLove,” was recorded in 2011 with Shive.

Mark’s new release, “New Futures” is set to release in early 2015. The album’s producer, Mark Trussell is a long-time friend and musical collaborator. Trussell makes his living in Nashville as a producer and guitar player, and has toured with Matt Wertz, Dave Barnes, Josh Turner and most recently Billy Currington. “New Futures” is a healthy blend of groovy pop and soul and is marked by Wagner’s signature lyrical depth which dives into his new life as a husband and his most recent adventures helping launch an international community development organization called STORYSONG (, which raises awareness and funds to support orphan education in Africa. Mark’s well of knowledge and experience has greatly increased over the past several years, as he has also just completed a Master’s degree in Theology. “New Futures” is an upbeat and encouraging glimpse into Mark’s latest adventures and his heart for sharing hope and light in a dimly lit world.

To date, Mark has sold over 30,000 albums independently, he has performed in seven countries, and he is still doing the very thing he loves most: playing music that inspires and gives hope. Mark has sung about that hope for ten years in front of thousands of high school students from all over the world during his volunteer work with Young Life, an organization that lines up with Mark’s vision of giving hope to the hopeless.

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