NeedLove Reviews

“As Wagner sings and has discovered on multiple levels, everyone needs love and he is beautifully doing his part.”  LINK TO FULL ARTICLE, PAGE 56
— CCM Magazine

“Mark Wagner has the best of all qualities of a singer-songwriter and on his fourth release his music excels with an edifying batch of songs.  Some songwriters like to focus on their life – like a journal – while others tell stories of everyday life, and then there is Mark Wagner.  His songwriting is more like vertical worship coffee shop style.  Its uplifting and very Christ centered.”
— Alpha Omega News

“If you bring together Josh Wilson, Brandon Heath, Rich Mullins, and a bit of Paul Colman and Charlie Hall, you get Mark Wagner.  Exposing his vulnerabilities and shortcomings, Mark creates a space where God can invade and permeate through the calm music.  Well done Mark!”

“His rich acoustic music skillfully integrates the soulful sound of Stevie Wonder with the eloquent poetry of an Andrew Peterson while his latest album NeedLove is a powerful musical statement intended to help women at risk in Ethiopia.”  LINK TO FULL INTERVIEW

“Overall, Wagner’s lighthearted style is irrefutably pleasant.”

“In true Wagner fashion, NeedLove, showcases his aptitude for accessible lyrics intended, on this record, to remind listeners of their need for God’s love.”

“He has brought his fans a work of continued passion and musical talent that has its roots in the style of other pop artists like Coldplay, Dave Barnes and Bebo Norman.”  LINK TO FULL ARTICLE

“Well written and recorded, Mark’s latest release NeedLove is an impressive acoustic-backed collection of songs, buoyed by soaring guitar work and moving backbeats.”
— The Alabama Baptist

“An album rife with CHR-friendly singles, NeedLove is sure to make other people sit up and take notice.”
— The Christian Manifesto

NeedLove is an album devoted to expressing our need for love and the type of love God offers and desires for us.”  LINK TO BLOG
— The Sound Opinion

“From the opening “All I Need” and its message of redeeming love to songs like “Made For Love” that speak to our longing and need to have God’s love—this album is simply “lovely” from top to bottom.”  LINK TO FULL ARTICLE
— Worship Leader Magazine

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